Secure Wireless CCTV solutions

With PC monitoring, digital video recorders and a broad range of video IP codecs widely available, end users and CCTV companies are often looking at ways to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs and increase their video bandwidth. SilverNets Wireless solutions can offer massive savings over cabling or leased lines and are very simple to use and install.

Our system will work seamlessly with video codecs. Different companies and customers favour different codecs, You choose the codec and we will provide the wireless transportation and infrastructure.

Also, if your camera or monitor moves, so can your wireless, making it the choice for rapidly deployable systems.

Other benefits

  • Full Wireless Installation/Commissioning service – No hassle
  • Fully Secured – Safe from intruders
  • Cameras can be placed virtually anywhere - and then moved
  • Access images from a computer, projector or standard monitor
  • Onvif Video codecs supported
  • Many Video streams can be transmitted over one radio link with audio, relay alarms signals and PTZ controls operational

If you need a complete solution to ensure the best video bandwidth requirements, we can suggest the video codecs, IP cameras or IP domes as well as the radio equipment in your system design.

Ultra 4K HD Megapixel Wireless CCTV

The CCTV market is taking an evolutionary step forward with the inception of Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras, perceived by many as the future of the CCTV market.

Ultra 4K High-definition (HD) or multi-megapixel (MP) IP cameras are now available that offer a huge jump in image quality compared to conventional surveillance cameras. Available in resolutions up to 16 megapixels (16 megapixels, 4872x3248 pixels, in resolution contains over 50 times more detail than images captured with conventional surveillance systems). Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras can use an actual throughput of up to 60Mbps real-time, SilverNets PRO wirelss systems can cope with this with ease due to the increased processor size and packet optimisation for contiuous video streaming.

SilverNet can offer Wireless CCTV solutions with our PRO Range of equipment that has an actual throughput of up to 95Mbps, 240Mbps, 500Mbps or 1000Mbps, meets these requirements and can be a massive cost reduction instead of leased lines or installing Fibre for example.

Example of HD Surveillance 
One of the most compelling advantages of high-definition surveillance systems is their ability to capture not only situation awareness but the big picture of what is going on. Also, fine details that can be used for license plate reading and identifying people. The combination of situational awareness and detail allows security operators to react faster and reduce investigation time, all with a higher probability of prosecution and conviction.

The images below illustrate how Ultra 4K HD surveillance systems can capture full situation awareness as well as fine detail.

Awareness Image from a HD Surveillance Camera

Sample situation awareness imageA standard camera would only be able to view this image and would then need to be zoomed to view the detail via a PTZ and thus losing the rest of the picture that is out of view.

With Ultra 4K Megapixel cameras operating seamlessly over our Wireless bridges, this detail can be zoomed into whilst still recording the whole picture.

Detail 1Detail 1
Detail 2Detail 2

Detail 3detail 3

The new Ultra 4K HD cameras are only part of the equation they are only the up-front, image-capture portion of an end-to-end imaging pipeline.

HD surveillance systems need to be designed as a complete solution that leverages all of the recent technological advances such as the SilverNet PRO Range of equipment so that the surveillance footage is preserved exactly as it was captured. To take advantage of high-resolution images and preserve their quality, a back-end infrastructure capable of handling HD images is required so that the Ultra 4K HD images do not degrade as they move through the system.

New Ultra 4K HD surveillance solutions that preserve image quality are transforming the surveillance industry.

Ultra 4K HD camera systems are the future of CCTV

Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wireless Wi-Fi Solutions for Cafes, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Camping, Marina, Business or Residential Buildings

We have an excellent range of Indoor and Outdoor blanket Wi-Fi distribution systems available so that you can cover areas requiring reliable Wi-Fi or supply a service to your clients and earn revenue.

Our Wi-Fi solution uses the SilverNet Wireless MESH System.

Secure Wi-Fi

Data encryption means to encode the data so that confidential information can not be stolen by an intruder. Since wireless data can be received by anyone with a wireless device, the data encryption is even more important.

Multiple SSID

Have 7 additional Wi-Fi Clouds to the Guest Wi-Fi - Across every MESH Node!

This means you can have a guest account for visitors and an office network for multiple different departments with unique Wi-Fi names, encryption keys and radius authentication routes, without duplicating equipment.

User Bandwidth Limiting

User Bandwidth Managment built in as standard

User Authentication

The system comes with flexible authentication functions to suit most applications.

1. No restriction - Optional Bandwidth managment.

2. User Agreement - User must agree to usage terms prior to gain access onto the network or internet

3. Customized Internet Access Controller server - Forward to a Internet access gateway or Hotspot Billing portal.

Walled Garden

A list of websites that unauthenticated users can access. It is a good way to promote your wireless service.

Streaming Video
Also an added benefit is the possibility of adding wireless cameras for security.

Please also see our MESH page

Wireless MESH Networks

The MESH technology provides self-forming, self-healing, and self-configuring capabilities using advanced data packet routing protocols.  These technologies let the MESH network constantly adjust itself to the best condition and performance.  

Self Forming: 

Configuring the MESH system is via SilverCloud, a web based interface that has one page to configure all of the Mesh radios in the system.  Simply add the MESH radios into SilverCloud via serial number (Mac address). The Mesh radios will auto search and establish connections between themselves. With this advanced technology you can let the MESH network self-adjust and establish networks according to change in inference and weather conditions. 

Self Forming

Self Healing: 

If a wireless connection in your network is broken, the Mesh radios will disable this path and re-route the data to take a different path. This ensures the loss of one or more MESH radios will not break your network. If the MESH radio recovers it will rejoin the Mesh system and recommence moving data traffic.

Self Healing

Self Configuring: 

Mesh provides multi-path capability that enables the Mesh network to choose the best path from point A to point B.  The end result is stable and optimal performance throughout your network.

Self Configuring

An added benefit of the SilverNet Mesh solution is that you can have multiple upload/egress (internet connection) points, this means the Mesh network can load balance traffic across the system and if an egress point fails then traffic will be routed to another egress point with network connection.

The Mesh network will improve the uptime and performance of your WISP (wireless internet service provider), CCTV or Mobile network.

SilverNet Mesh equipment pages are here

Secure Business Connections

Businesses are often held back by long lead times for bandwidth or high cable costs.

Our wireless equipment can reduce costs dramatically and give your business a massive increase in bandwidth capacity. Also if your business moves, so can the equipment.

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Residential Broadband WISP

WISP's (wireless internet service providers) can use our equipment to achieve a low cost solution for broadband distribution. This is with either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz bands.

Please also see our MESH page

Remote Monitoring

Remote Industrial Control & Telemetry

How would you like to instantly install a seamless high speed network for your industrial control system, SCADA system or telemetry system? No need for cables and ducts. Simply install a secure high-speed wireless network using SilverNets broadband wireless network equipment.

  • Open standards - Ethernet/Optical
  • Speeds up to 2.5Gbps Duplex
  • Point-to-point up to 140KM
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Genuinely plug-and-play

Gone are the days when radio links were the last resort to connect things you just couldn’t get a cable to.

Not only can you have a high speed network connection at virtually any location, but our broadband wireless solutions are often much cheaper than a cable network.

Whether you are installing a new industrial control system adding extra equipment, just imagine saving the costs of installing ducts and cable support systems between the locations that need to be networked. With SilverNets broadband wireless products you simply install a single box at each end… and that’s it. You have a high-speed ethernet network.

If that’s not enough, how about this. It’s genuinely plug-and-play.

The box you install is weatherproof and has a single RJ45 connector. All you do is bolt it to the wall or pole and plug in your Ethernet cable. There really is nothing else to do. If your control system equipment talks Ethernet, simply plug it in and play.

With ranges possible of over 10 kilometres with line of sight our products are ideal for telemetry applications. Imagine having a 1Gbps Ethernet connection to your telemetry outstations!

All without any line rental charges.

So, if you want high speed secure wireless networks for your industrial control system, SCADA system, or telemetry system let us know, we can help.

Voice over IP and Telecoms

VOIP means (Voice Over IP) and is quite simply a way of utilising the internet or intranet for telephone conversations. Cost and convenience are primary motivations for moving to VOIP as a call is less expensive than a typical telephone call over long distance especially. Also one wireless link between buildings can serve multiple phone lines.

Please also see our Backhaul page

Mobile Transportation

Track to Train

The safety of passengers on railways is enhanced with the introduction of a new generation of Track to Train CCTV transmission system which overcomes the limitations of mirrors, platform end monitors and leaky feeders.

Multiple HD quality videos from platform mounted cameras to driver's cabs to show the views before the train arrives and continuously until it clears the station. In this way drivers can be alerted to potential incidents where people may be trapped by the train or have fallen onto the track. Multiple real time, full colour videos can be transmitted simultaneously.

Train to Track

The transmission system can also be configured to transmit images from the trains to the stations, and from there to the railway's control centre. In this way safety and security personnel can see inside the carriage of any selected train.


The SilverNet system is unique in many ways:

  • Relative to IR systems, the transmissions are unaffected by weather
  • The system can transmit many videos over the same path, which simplifies the installation because discrimination between platforms or trains is provided by frequency selection rather than antenna alignment
  • The system uses the latest 11n technology with space diversity in which the same video is received in different antennas with automatic selection to ensure the best pictures are always available, even when there are reflections and obstructions

Design Consultancy

SilverNet has many years of developing solutions for its customers from initial concepts to delivery. Our wireless experts can create the solution which fits your requirement.