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Outdoor Wireless CCTV, Wi-Fi & Fibre Switch Systems

We Design and Manufacture High Performance Wireless Networking Equipment.

Whether you require an outdoor wireless or Fibre connection for your transmission of CCTV or you need to network a new building to an existing one via a wireless bridge or Fibre Link, SilverNet has the products and expertise to provide you and your customers with a complete solution. 

British Manufacture

SilverNet Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance and cost-effective wireless CCTV to cover both indoor and outdoor settings. Over the past 10 years we have achieved an excellent reputation as a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and supply of Indoor and Outdoor wireless CCTV systems.

World Class Technologies

SilverNet’s outdoor wireless network CCTV solutions, which can boast a system uptime of at least 99.999%, have been developed to meet the demand for high bandwidth applications for the police and local authorities. They have also been deployed for business applications across a wide range of vertical markets.

Exemplary support

Our easy to install, configure and control Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Bridge solutions are backed up with outstanding technical support because we believe in supporting our customers every step of the way. Path profiling, on site surveys, system design and a host of other free tools are available to assist you.

Wireless CCTV Solutions & Technology

Point to Point links have a single radio at each end of the link.

Point to MultiPoint system has a single radio at each remote Station/ Client location and a single radio at the collector AP/Base location. The collector location is usually fitted with an omni or sector antenna with broader beamwidth.

Mesh system is MultiPoint to MultiPoint and has self forming, self healing and self configuring capabilities. 

Backhaul systems are Ultra High capacity links available only in Point to Point configuration. Links are built to order based on frequency allocations and required throughput.

Brilliant Design


Brilliant design

Rugged and weatherproof, SilverNet Outdoor Wireless Bridges are designed for and suited to some of the harshest environments with mounting brackets that will not let you down and surge protection as standard. The only way to achieve a design like this is by relentlessly considering every single hardware detail and performance aspect.

Powerful 680MHz chip


Powerful 680MHz chip

All NEW leading edge 680MHz chip is amazingly powerful but not power hungry. Faster processing means that content passes across the wireless link faster and more reliably than ever seen before! Blisteringly fast performance!

Ultrafast Wireless


Ultrafast wireless

SilverNet's Leading edge technology is built into our radios as standard. You can transmit multiple HD Videos or Audio streams and transfer large data files at remarkably fast speed like has never been seen before. Whether indoor or outdoor, your wireless CCTV cameras will transmit with minimal delay!

Full duplex transmission


Full duplex transmission

The Old days of high latency and broken CCTV PTZ images are over, a faster chip means our Ultra-Fast-wireless transmission systems output what you put in fluidly. In fact, the PRO Range is our best wireless links ever!

There is a difference!

‘Often imitated but never duplicated’ can be appropriately applied to SilverNet’s specialised range of indoor and outdoor wireless bridge systems and networking solutions. Customers worldwide have found our solutions to be highly cost effective with no compromise on quality or service. Our focus is you, the customer. Leading you through your project from start to completion offering both pre and post sales support.

  • Uncomplicated and effortless wireless bridge installation and commissioning process
  • 99.999% uptime – the utilisation of high quality components ensures robust, reliable solutions which have a low total cost of ownership
  • Works seamlessly with most video codecs and IP recording devices
  • Fast processors specifically designed for use with video
  • Free, easy to configure and easy to use monitoring software
  • Rugged mounting brackets perfect for secure fitting of your CCTV both outdoor and indoor
  • ‘Green’ design delivers low energy consumption to minimise running cost
  • Training courses to help you improve your knowledge of wireless and CCTV system technology
  • On-site surveys and commissioning available
  • Hotline telephone pre and post sales support

SilverNet have been finalists for the past 4 years for Communication Product of the year at the Fire & Security Excellence Awards. We are leading the way in the field of wireless CCTV and networking.

With total confidence in the quality and design of our wireless CCTV solutions, and other wireless products, we can provide you with the highly reliable system you require.  It is because of this confidence that we are able to offer a 2 year warranty and MTBF of over 60000 hours on all of our products..

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