Having the knowledge to fully understand the technology employed can enable businesses to appreciate the benefits and limitations of equipment currently available, as well as new technology coming on to the market.

Understanding of both the theoretical as well as the practical issues can play a key role in a company's ability to understand the needs and limits of their wireless networks.

SilverNet offers both standard and bespoke training courses for its clients. Whether you want a special course held at your local premises to meet your specific needs or you simply want to send some of your personnel on our training course, SilverNet can improve your knowledge of wireless technology.

Training courses include the following topics:

  • Radio basic theory
  • Wireless industry and regulatory standards
  • Networking basics
  • Equipment basics
  • Wireless Applications
  • Installation procedures and practical tips

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Bespoke Network Design

To provide an efficient and optimised network requires an extensive understanding of the technical aspects of the operation of wireless equipment and network software.

Having a network that can deliver the bandwidth, range, flexibility and expansion potential of your business needs requires careful expertise.

SilverNet has extensive experience in all aspects of the design and planning of wireless networks to allow any Wireless ISP or enterprise to offer their customers and users fast and reliable service.

We also cater for customer whom do not want a standard product, We can adapt to meet the customers requirement.

Path Profile

Our consultancy covers:

  • Path Profiling
  • Network capacity planning
  • Network route planning
  • Network design
  • Computer modeling
  • Link validation

If you have a Wireless link that you need validating then please complete our Site Survey Checklist and send it to us via email.

Site Surveys

Part of proving a network design requires the validation of wireless links to ensure that reliable connections can be established. Undertaking on site mock-up testing of radio links is the best way of ensuring that the fully installed wireless equipment will operate reliably.

Any outstanding risks and uncertainty associated with proposed links can be eliminated with on-site validation. Surveying can provide confidence in the network design and avoid the costs of relocating links if they fail to provide the reliability or data throughput required.

Site surveys include:

  • An on site visit by SilverNet staff
  • Set-up & validation of your wireless link
  • Data throughput measurement
  • Background interference assessment
  • Inspection of proposed mounting points and cable routes


At SilverNet we understand that wireless can be a confusing technology, this is why we offer a comprehensive commissioning service to assist our resellers, distributors and end users. By doing this the outcome of the project will be successful.

Once you have planned, designed and procured the necessary elements of your network, SilverNet can undertake the commissioning to ensure that the network is configured and operating effectively.

This critical phase of deploying your wireless infrastructure can have a major impact on the performance of the system and should be optimised to provide the best possible coverage and connection speeds.

Authorised Service Partner

SilverNet recognise that to succeed requires more than just having feature rich and best price performance products. We understand that, most importantly, our channel partners are crucial to the success and growth of our business. To support and allow the growth of successful relations with our channel partners we have developed a bespoke channel partner program that offers real benefits and increases the levels of service and support to make the partnership both easy and profitable.

There are great opportunities ahead for SilverNet and we want to make sure that you as a channel partner can share in this future with us.
As a member of the Service Partner program you will receive support, benefits and training that are second to none, directly from SilverNet. In return the Service Partner-resellers will develop the appreciation and understanding necessary to sell and support our products.

Below are the benefits of becoming a SilverNet Authorised Service Partner:-

  • Telephone sales support line.
  • Technical support, pre-sales and post-sales.
  • Advance product introduction information.
  • Access to special Service Partner Promotions.z
  • Evaluation/Demo kit.
  • 40% discount on specified demo equipment.
  • Access to evaluation stock.
  • Full day sales training and lunch at our Milton Keynes offices.
  • Service Partner logo for (Partner) website and collateral.
  • Project pricing support.
  • Premier Authorised Service Partner

    SilverNet Premier Authorised Service Partner

    System Design and High Installation competence as wel as High fault tracing competence to packet level

  • Advanced Authorised Service Partner

    SilverNet Advanced Authorised Service Partner

    System Design and High Installation competence and basic fault tracing

  • Authorised Service Partner

    SilverNet Authorised Service Partner

    Basic Installation competence, has been on the SilverNet training course