SilverCloud Mesh Monitoring

Key features

SilverCloud is a Cloud Based management utility that makes installing and monitoring SilverNet MESH equipment even easier.


Eliminate the complexity and costs of manual maintenance and configuration or the use of expensive on-site wireless controllers.

SilverCloud seamlessly manages distributed multi-site and campus-wide WiFi deployments, giving you network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based RF optimisation, firmware updates and more.



SilverClouds powerful and intuitive dashboard lets you instantly view the status and traffic volumes for any of the monitored networks, distributed sites, MESH radios and devices.

Wireless LAN devices are centrally managed via the cloud to make it easy to remotely setup, configure and monitor multiple MESH radios in one or multiple locations.

SilverClouds dashboard console provides IT administrators with a simple, centralised point for monitoring, configuring and managing of the network. Devices can be collectively managed and uniformly configured regardless of their physical location.

Whether from a browser on a PC at a remote office or from a tablet while travelling offsite, instantly view status alerts or traffic volume of any of the networks, access points and users’ devices.

Key Benefits
  • Monitor all your MESH nodes and networks from one location
    • Uptime, DL/UL Usage. Mesh Speed, Outages
  • Configure your whole network from one location and one setup page
    • Backhaul and Coverage channel, UL/DL Limits, Hotspot User access
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Fail-Over SilverCloud Manager
SilverCloud Stats and reporting


  • Secure data centre with onsite hardware support which ensures maximum uptime for the Cloud Server.
  • SilverCloud does not rely on one physical server, but instead on a cluster of servers that support each other, thus eliminating the possibility of downtime.
  • Automated features such as backups, restores, updates and monitoring make administering much easier. Backups or Snapshots ensure our data is safe for disaster recovery.
  • SilverCloud is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to pro-actively optimise and load balance.
  • Rock solid infrastructure with all the connectivity and bandwidth your wireless systems needs.

SilverCloud Video Walkthrough Demonstration

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