PRO Range 3 Axis Wireless Bridge Mounting Bracket

Key features

Outdoor Wireless Bridge Mounting Bracket 

The SilverNet Pro Range Mounting Bracket (SIL MNT 3) is a Tilt and Swivel 3 Axis Mounting bracket for all PRO Range radios. It Can be fitted to the wall, 3” (75mm) pole or used with banding strap to fit to larger columns. The SIL MNT 3 has an additional 4 holes so can be mounted to a 45 degree slanted pole or mount radio on a 45 degree angle to improve RF noise isolation.

  • Sea Salt Certified

  • Magnesium Alloy Bracketry

  • 3 Axis Tilt and Swivel

  • Versatile Mounting

  • Fits ALL PRO Range Equipment

The PRO Range is a class leading wireless outdoor bridge that has been optimised for long transmission distances and designed to be extremely compact and rugged. Couple that with the FREE SilverView network monitoring software and you have an outstanding feature packed solution.

What's in the box?

1x SIL MNT 3 (Bracket Set)

Now Add:

  • SIL PICO 95-PCP - Pre-configured point to point link for distamces up to 1KM
  • SIL WCAP-EXT - Highly secure, Cloud Controlled, 802.11ac Dual-Band outdoor AP with built in 360° Omni antenna.
  • SIL AP1200 360 - Dual Frequency WiFi access Point. Enhanced features, including, MIMO spatial multiplexing, ultrafast radio speed