LITE 95 Up To 6KM, Reliable Wireless Bridge for Harsh Environments

Key features

Built into a metal enclosure the 'LITE' range of radios are a highly dependable system that is built into a metal enclosure with enhanced protection from surge and lightening from environmental events. Used mainly for longer ranges and proven to operate in extremely harsh environments.

The LITE range of pre-configured Outdoor Wireless Bridge links are a highly secure 256 AES long range transmission system (up to 6KM) and has a built in dual polarised 18dBi antenna. Enhanced features, including, MIMO spatial multiplexing, ultrafast radio speed, gives the LITE unparalleled data throughput capabilities of 95Mbps Full Duplex.

The LITE will save money, while servicing the need to construct a solid and reliable wireless system replacing the requirement for expensive lease lines.

  • Point-to-Point Outdoor Wireless Bridge Up to 6KM

  • Point-to-MultiPoint Client

  • Integrated 18dBi Antenna

  • Designed for Outdoor applications

  • SNMP

  • AES Encryption up to 256bit

  • MIMO with spatial multiplexing

  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection)

  • TPC (transmit Power Control)

  • PoE 802.3af

  • SilverView Monitoring software Included

  • WEB Management

  • ONVIF Compliant

  • Surge Protected Radio and PSU

  • Rugged Mounting Brackets

  • up to 95MbpsThroughput

The PRO Range is a class leading wireless outdoor bridge that has been optimised for long transmission distances and designed to be extremely compact and rugged. Couple that with the FREE SilverView network monitoring software and you have an outstanding feature packed solution

What's in the box?

SIL LITE 95 (Single Radio) 1 x Radio (Built in Antenna), 1 x PSU PoE Injectors, 1 x Heavy Duty Magnesium alloy mounting bracket set.

SIL LITE 95-PCP (pre-configured point to point link), 2 x Radios (Built in Antennas), 2 x PSU PoE Injectors, 2 x Heavy Duty Magnesium alloy mounting bracket sets.

Now Add:

  • High Grade, Downlink Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Cable complete with 2 x Shielded RJ45 Crimp Plugs to connect between each Radio transceiver and its PoE injector Power Supply 1 off per radio
  • 10 Meter SIL DLC 10M
  • 20 Meter SIL DLC 20M
  • 50 Meter SIL DLC 50M
  • 90 Meter SIL DLC 90M