ECHO BS - Low Cost Solution

Key features

The ECHO Product range is especially suited for rural and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) type applications where cost is most important. The ECHO-BS will save money, whilst servicing the need to construct a solid and reliable wireless system replacing the requirement for expensive leased lines.

The SIL-ECHO-BS (Base Station - Multipoint Receiver) is a low cost driven product, that can be used in Point to Multipoint system (using ECHO-BS as multipoint collector + Multiple ECHO-ST) configuration.

  • Compliant with 5GHz 802.11n/a, radio speed up to 300Mbps
  • TDMA greatly improves the network scalability in throughput and low latency
  • 16dBi dual-polarised 120 degree sector antenna to build long distance connections
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • AES Encryption up to 128bit
  • MIMO with spatial multiplexing
  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection)
  • TPC (Transmit Power Control)
  • Selectable transmit power and distance control
  • Visual alignment LEDs
  • Easy deployment with the tiltable moulded mounting bracket and steel banding strap
  • Passive POE (24VDC)
  • Outdoor weather-proof housing
  • SilverView monitoring software included
  • WEB management

The ECHO Range is a budget wireless outdoor bridge that has been optimised for last mile solutions and has been designed to be extremely compact. Couple that with the FREE SilverView network monitoring software and you have an outstanding feature packed solution.

For installation and setup Training Videos please see our Youtube channel:

ECHO Youtube Playlist

ECHO Youtube Playlist

What's in the box?

SIL ECHO-BS (Single Radio),  1 x Radio (Built in Antenna), 1 x PSU 24vDC PoE Injector, 1 x Steel Mounting band.

Now Add:

High Grade, Downlink cable. Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Cable complete with 2 x Shielded RJ45 Crimp Plugs to connect between each Radio transceiver and its PoE injector Power Supply. 1 of per radio.

  • 10 Meter SIL DLC10M
  • 20 Meter SIL DLC20M
  • 50 Meter SIL DLC50M
  • 90 Meter SIL DLC90M