60GHz 1Gbps Up To 500M Shorthaul Outdoor Wifi Extender UK

Key features

Future-Proof Connectivity to the Street

The Etherhaul radio delivers ultra high capacity wireless point-to-point Ethernet connectivity to any kind of street furniture. Operating over the unlicensed 60GHz band, the palm-sized radio provides backhaul to small cells, Wi-Fi hotspots, security cameras or any device deployed on lamp posts, poles, traffic lights and buildings.

Typical Applications

  • Small Cell Backhaul
  • Wireless Security Networks 
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Backhaul
  • Urban fiber extension
  • Urban campus connectivity

Easiest Installation

Any installer can deploy the Etherhaul, no telco expertise necessary. Physical installation takes a couple of minutes, and an auto-alignment toolkit can automatically align two antennas in 15 minutes or less. Service activation can be performed from a NOC.

Small Size, Easy to Deploy & Manage

Invisibility is key for street level deployments, and the Etherhaul is the smallest street-level radio in the world. Size: (H x W x D): 15cm x 15.5cm x 9cm , 5.9” x 6.1” x 3.54”. Easy to use web GUI manages local and remote units.

Easy Spectrum Acquisition in Urban Areas

The V-band spectrum is unlicensed and also uncongested, even in dense urban areas. Use of a high-gain, pencil-beam antenna guarantees available spectrum anywhere and maximizes spectrum re-use.

Based on a Cost Reducing All-Silicon Technology

The Etherhaul radio is based on proven integrated-silicon technology, which increases reliability while reducing size and cost. The result is a palm sized radio with a 90-year MTBF and an unbeatable price/throughput.

Streamline Operations with Carrier Ethernet & Synchronization

The Etherhaul has MEF-compliant integrated Carrier Ethernet that streamlines operations with bandwidth-aware QoS, service management and OAM. For mobile operators, built-in synchronization with Sync-E or 1588V2 ensures smooth performance over packet backhaul.

Build Up Resiliency and Availability

The Etherhaul has an integrated L2 switch and extra ports so you can deploy in ring, mesh or any high resiliency topology you need. It also incorporates Hitless Adaptive Bandwidth Coding and Modulation for high availability.

Field Proven Technology

The Etherhaul is the world’s best selling millimeter wave radio. Thousands of units have been deployed and are performing reliably in varying weather conditions all over the globe.

Improves the Bottom Line

The Etherhaul provides a fast return on investment (ROI) and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO). The all-silicon design delivers unbeatable price/ MB and very low deployment costs, and the high reliability reduces site visits.

The Etherhaul Range is a class leading wireless outdoor bridge that has been optimised for long transmission distances and designed to be extremely compact and rugged. Couple that with the FREE SilverView network monitoring software and you have an oustanding feature packed solution

What's in the box?

SIL TDD601-PCP  - (pre-configured point to point link), 2 x Radios (Built in Antennas), 2 x PSU or PoE Injectors, 2 x Heavy Duty mounting bracket sets.

SIL 1G license - License upgrade from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps (each radio) 

SIL AES - Upgrade License to AES 128/256 encryption (each radio) 

Now Add:

  • High Grade, Downlink Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Cable complete with 2 x Shielded RJ45 Crimp Plugs to connect between each Radio transceiver and its PoE injector Power Supply 1 off per radio
  • 10 Meter SIL DLC10M
  • 20 Meter SIL DLC20M
  • 50 Meter SIL DLC50M
  • 90 Meter SIL DLC90M