Intelligent Wi-Fi Solutions

SilverNets NEW Intelligent WiFi Solutions


The SilverCloud Controller is a carrier grade Wireless Network Management System, which supports the full range of SilverNet AP's. 


The powerful central controller is designed to work with all SilverNet network enterprise class AP equipment. A single controller can supervise and manage Wi-Fi networks with multiple, distributed APs, allowing for a far more efficient network. 

SilverCloud Controller


Uploading and scaling your own site plan makes the wireless map function even easier to monitor the status of each AP in the network. Monitor the number of users connected to ensure coverage and quality of your system. 

Upload Building layouts or Location Maps

On Site Real Time Discovery and monitoring

L2/L3 Auto Discovery

AP’s can be auto detected by the controller in the same WLAN network. All AP devices are discoverable by the controller and configured in just a few minutes. 

Real Time Status

Real time statistics allows monitoring for the networks online AP’s and allows for network history traced to be traced from 24hrs to 30 days. 

Real Time Monitoring

Multi-site & Cloud Managed

The controller hardware can be installed either in an on site central control room or in the cloud for local or remote management via public IP address. Multi-Site or Multi Country.

Multi Country WiFi Control

Multiple Numbers of AP's - Take Control of Multiple Sites

Many Multiples of AP’s can be controlled by the SilverCloud controller. Providing the best solutions for customers to plan and expand their WLAN networks as their needs might change at a later date.

1 Controller 1000s of AP's

Auto Fast Roaming & User Load Balancing With Beam-forming

SilverNet systems are equipped with intelligent fast roaming and user load balancing, making the product suitable for sparsely populated rural conditions or hi-density population areas. 

Auto User Load Balancing

Wi-Fi Channel Optimisation - Better Wi-Fi Signal

Intelligent Channel utilisation makes it possible to continually process the wireless network to ensure it is stable and reliable for the users, avoiding potential self made noise congestion.

Intelligent Channel optimisation

AP Hardware Choices - Ultra Fast Wi-Fi !


SilverNet’s AP’s offer wireless speeds from 300Mbps to 1667Mbps depending on the user requirements. The installation methods of AP’s can be varied, so auto adaption to different environments by diversity on TX power and antenna gain mean a far more stable and reliable signal. Thus a superior wireless user experience.

Hardware Choices

Download the Intelligent Wi-Fi Solutions Brochure & Datasheet

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Key Benefits are:

  • Free to use for visitors 
  • Centrally managed service across multiple sites 
  • Branded User Experience Portal (UEP)
  • Engage users with the town and its attractions 
  • Data gathered secured for use by council only 
  • User and device analytics
  • Marketing opportunities and data analytics 
  • Virtual installation into existing data centre 
  • Seamless device roaming
  • Scalable and robust solution
  • Fully compliant to legal requirements
  • Internet Watch Foundation certified filtering 
  • Secure network
  • Marketing opportunity
  • Fully managed and supported  

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Wi-Fi Applications Include:

Town Centre Wi-Fi Including Multi-Towns

Town Centre Wifi

Residential Care - Guest Access, Staff access, Patient record and drug control

Residential Care WiFi

Hotel and Student Accommodation Internet access

In Room Student Accommodation

Warehousing - Stock Control


Stadium Wi-Fi & Training Grounds

Stadium WiFi

Mobility Solutions

Wireless Mobility Solution

Plus Many More Applications...

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